January 30 2010

How can I add my airport taxi business listing to Yahoo! UK Local? (uk.local.yahoo.com)

If your business is located in USA and you would like to add your company details to local search (i.e. make a local listing so people can see you when searching the map), all you have to do is to go to http://listings.local.yahoo.com/. There you can have a ‘Basic Listing’ added for free!
What does a basic listing includes? It includes of a phone, address, and website !!!, business operating hours, your products and services. Not bad for a free of charge listing, isn’t it? God Bless America…

If you business is located in the UK and you would like to add its details to uk.local.yahoo.com… change the location mate, cause there isn’t easy, straightforward way of doing that.

Can’t I just add them at the same page Americans do?

No, you can’t do that. The only way to add your business details to a local UK Yahoo search is to go with the company that Yahoo have signed an agreement with in respects of managing ALL OF THE UK LOCAL LISTINGS- Infoserve Limited.

Have you ever heard of Infoserve Limited? Me neither and many of us did not until they called us.

About three days ago when I actually was shopping and had my office number redirected to my mobile phone, a nice lady called and said she was from …Infoserve – no!, she clearly said she was from YAHOO!!! WOW neither Google or Yahoo has ever called me before so I must admit I got a bit excited, but as I get tones of ‘spam’ and con phone calls offering gold solutions to problems I don’t have, or offering business life changing advertisement deals I wanted to think it off and simply said I was in Tesco shopping and could not have a proper conversation with Yahoo while pushing my trolley. The lady gave up, but promised to call another, more convenient time. What a relief…for some time.

I then performed a quick Google search on the claimed ‘Yahoo’ number she called me from- 08453677200, and found out that it was not Yahoo’s number. The number belonged to Infoserve Limited.

I then added a free basic listing via Infoserve website and now I am waiting for more phone calls from them, as I bet they are not going to give up my money without fighting (i.e. the money which can buy ads or ‘bold’ listings through them).

Will I get listed for free? I don’t know and I don’t care. My websites statistics prove that I should not care too much.

For the past year 2009 only 3.73% of my taxi related websites visitors came from Yahoo. I can hear what could Infoserve salesman now say- so how many visits did you get 300 000? So 3.73% makes about 12000 visitors, we can improve that figure.

I honestly believe they can improve that figure. The question here is how much will it cost me or you to improve the number of visitors or callers and if it’s worth it or not. You see I focus on UK market and Brits are my targeted group and I simply don’t believe it is worth to spend a big money for adds on Yahoo in my niche, on the UK soil targeting UK customers, not for local search results. For me, it was Google who sent the most ‘leads’/users/callers last year and with new Google products coming this year- Chrome Books, and Chrome Web browser that 3.73% of total visitors on my websites that Yahoo sent me last year will probably shrink this year and a year after…

What are your thoughts?

Should have Yahoo let us add our business details to their local search listings database directly? Do you find phone calls from Infoserve enjoying, or were you happy with they approach and attitude when they called? Do you think its right for Infoserve employee to say they call from Yahoo, are they authorized by Yahoo to do that? Do you find it acceptable, or cheeky? Do you think it is good for Yahoo’s image to let a third party company deal with Yahoo’s local listings? And finally did you manage without being pushed to buy ads by Infoserve to add your FREE local UK Yahoo listing?


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