December 06 2012

Cracow Bakery Ltd is probably the best, authentic polish bakery in London, UK.

What do they do?

Cracow bakery is one of the few bakeries in and around Greater London area that baker an authentic polish bread (brown, crusty skin, generally heavier and thicker than London Bloomer), cakes and polish pastries.
Generally they don’t take individual orders, but I am sure you can find their bread and cakes in one of the corner shops near by.

Anything else?

Christmas is coming and Cracow Bakery has a kind of Christmas Specials in their ‘menu’ ;-) First of all it is this chalka cake, which similar to french brioche. Second it’s the poppy seed cake and their cheesecakes. Full list of delicacies is available here: To chcek on full range of products simply visit their website at

If you have a polish friend- get them cakes from Cracow Bakery for Chrismas. They will be delighted!

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