April 01 2010

Gatwick Airport have little respect for (taxi and minicab) drivers.

Recent roadworks at Junction 9 on M23 caused massive delays for passengers transfering by taxis from Gatwick to Heathrow Airport as well as for those travelling from Gatwick Airport to London.

The part of the road between Junctions 9A and 9- this is between the roundabout at south terminal and the actual motorway M23- was closed rom 21:00 for the past few days causing unusual traffic jams on the redirected route via Redhill and Reigate. As there was very little information for those exiting the North Terminal about the closures, many drivers including taxi drivers carried on driving from the roundabout at north terminal to the south terminal roundabout where they relised the road closure and were forced to make a round around south terminal roundabout causing delays for all the cars entering the roundabout from the M23.

It’s bizzare how could the mangement of Gatwick Airport allow Highway Agency to close the entrance to M23 at 21:00 when tens of flights arrive and hundreds of people try to make they way to another airport or home. The BUSIEST ONE RUNWAY AIRPORT IN THE WORLD and second busiest airport in the UK seems have little respect for (taxi and minicab) drivers and their passengers.

Today when I visited Gatwick junction – J9, the roadworks seemed to be finished but still the roundabout at J9 was blocked with ballards and boards informing to use an alternative route. There was no single man working there and no single digger or other machine. How can such an important junction be not prioritized by Higway Agency I don’t know, but it seems normal in the recent years that Highway Agency starts something and then leaves it to digest. They probably would say there is not enough money and workforce, which can be true considering the number of holes which need to be surfaced after the winter, but such an important junction should be done within a day or two and not left for a week!

I would like to see an apology from Gatwick Airport management team for allowing Highway Agency disrupt evening taxi operations from Gatwick Airport, but I do not believe it will ever happen.

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