October 29 2012

House Extensions by Sebastian & Co Builders Ltd.

Who are Sebastian &Co. Builders Ltd?

Sebastian & Co. Builders Ltd was incorporated in 2006. They are builders who work mainly in Croydon, Purley, Bromley, Caterham and other Surrey locations.


Sebastian & Co Builders Ltd

Sebastian & Co Builders Ltd


House Extension Builders.

Full list of building services they provide is listed on their website, but I think it’s wort to mention that the main focus of their business is on building house extensions in croydon and loft conversions.

These not only boost the price on the existing value of the houses, but can provide a vital room for more family members.

Loft conversions

Comprehensive packages they provide include a planning drawings, consultations as well as the main work on converting the lofts into a liveable areas. Sebastian & Co Builders can construct various types of loft conversions including dormer, ‘L’ shaped gable typed and tailor made to the particular house and planning requirements. Please check on their croydon loft conversions section of the website.


Prices and Estimates.

As times change and material cost with it- it is always best to ask for a free estimate. That’s why I am not going to put any fixed prices or fees here, as they could get little outdated in time…

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