July 22 2010

McDonald’s at South Terminal @ Gatwick Airport

McDonalds located next to the BP Garage/Petrol Station on Ring Road North (ie. the exit road from the South Terminal) is one of the few McDonalds restaurants with a ‘drive through’ open 24/7. Front of the restaurant normally opens at 6am.

Yesterday for an unknown reason early hours in the morning the entrance to to forecourt of the restaurant and at the same time to the drive through was blocked with cones. Today at about 4am the restaurant was open- and I mean the ‘front of the house’ which normally does not open before 6am! I asked why were they opened and got misleading info from the night shift manager that they were opened all night throught for the past two months or longer. Well what the night shift manager did not know is that I was a frequent visitor there (at least once every day and often twice or more) and I could point which staff was there yesterday or the day before.
The restaurant (not the drive through) was definitely CLOSED before and today it was a first day they have kept it opened for 24h. I have to say some of the night staff members are great escpecially those at the counter (an English girl and an Indian guy). Keep up the good work guys.


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