April 28 2010

Taxi To Gatwick Airport.

With flight departure times early in a morning we often need to book a taxi to Gatwick Airport. There are many taxi and minicabs operators we can choose from. Often the small ones with up to 10 drivers offer the best, cheapest prices, but at the same time no service and old, dirty cars.

If you go for a taxi from one of the big operators you can be sure it will be clean, however the prices are respectively higher and sometimes can be double or more of the prices offerd by those small operators.

Is there anything beetwen these small and cheap and big and expensive taxis to gatwick airport? There are operators who work for themselves thus do not have to pay commission to anyone. Because they work for themselves they do care about the service they provide and their customers. Unhappy customer will never return. A satisfied one will not only return, but will recommend that operator to others.

It is not easy to find a small operator who work for himself. Common thinking is that the operator has to be someone with the office and many drivers working for him, which is simply not true. There are hundreds of small operators registered with the PCO London, who work just for themselves and do not have any drivers. They often cooperate with other small operators which they know by their real names not only by company name. There is one constant when it comes to small operators- they work hard providing the best possible service, because they work for themselves, if they did not provide a service they would not last a season.

When you order a taxi to gatwick next time- shop around, but remember this: leave yourself extra amount of time to get to the airport and make sure your operator is reliable, you would not like to miss your flight from Gatwick Airport because the driver did not turn up.


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